A single disc is nothing

Fa un mes més o menys de la publicació del disc Gargalls. After all the crap promotion, it is time to explain a little more about the subject.

We knew Pep Rius (aka l’Abdominable Gallina Nauseabunda) many years ago, in an edition of Sona9. The we went to see a concert at Razzmatazz 3 (o 4, no me’n records). A TV in the side of the stage projected images. The nauseating Abdominable hen accompanied by her partner played Raydibaum. Vam seguir en contacte via Myspace.

Later he released an album with more seals (put the word you want) Panorama català. More or less later, Koitton opened the club with partners. Even, we going to help him paint the walls of the bar one day the sun will stop it (less Meritxell). After a while, one evening or at night we were Koitton, I told him that we had started a record label and he said he had many songs in an old drawer. First we were talking about removing a CD-book. A CD with original recordings, made with a recorder or mobile home. There was a master with 14-15 songs ready. The sound quality was not very good, but the songs do. The book was to be a collection of quotes that he had written Pep. There was a revised version of the text ortotipogràficament. Everything was ready. The CD-book was to be called Un home sol no és res.

Out of nowhere appeared the possibility and the insistence of the Albert Palomar, to go to the studio to record the songs. All in a day. Pep was there, and the production of Valen Nieto did the rest. It has been a different disk than it should be. Very happy to have it published in No Me’n Records, for all concerts is made Gallina, for the people who heard, the people who helped us, having learned some things as a seal, etc… Ultimately, for having brought to light a few songs, that had long been hidden, as we did with Prou!!! o The Pointer.


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