Who Are We?

No Me’n Records has a very weak memory, that´s why we write these lines in this moment of clarity.

No Me’n Records is a netlabel dedicated to offering good music without prejudices. . We want to overcome the virtual world and offer the world live music, in physical format, tangible and human.. We won´t stick to the consumerist-audience, creation-process-caged-artist stereotype.. We want the artists to meet and create together., even if occasionally.. We will make the artists to come down the stage and mingle with the audience.. Or the other way around.. We will encourage everyone to bang the drums or make a guitar scream..

First of all: is another netlabel necessary? We don't have the answer but it's probably no. What we can say is that we will never be enough, artists, musics and people who love music., we will never recognize enough the creativity and energy radiated by hundreds of groups here and beyond..

We come from many musical dissapointments and , that's why, we want to do our little bit to avoid, as far as possible, that it happens again, as many other independent labels and netlabels have been doing for many years. We want to discover artists that are , original, intense, commited, authentic, disruptive, brilliant, crazy or, simply, honest. We will offer support to artists who believe in what they do, always running away from vanity, exclusivity, scenes and poses.

we will also recuperate bands and artists whose works were forgotten and lost in the pre-digital era. And, if possible, reactivate artists who should have never given up.. It is, more or less, a mix of musical archaeology and group therapy.

We love music. We are not purists but we won't sell out for a plate of lentils. We are not car dealers, we will be honest.

Show us what you do and, if we like it, you´ll be welcome on board. And if not, we'll go drinking.

No Me’n Records management team.