Ectogàmia #3: Combichrist, hate everyone

L’any 2004 o 2005, having heard very punk-rock and heavy-metal, had also heard some groups of electronics. But I did not like electronic music. Everybody hates you was the first album that I liked, from start to finish. pretty techno, very Industry, with saws, low and many electronic beats strong.

the song This shit will fuck you up laid the foundations for a sound, during the next decade many groups (underground electronic music projects) have been playing or following. I do not know if before there was someone who had created a similar sound, the truth is that I've never found. perhaps Front 242 Laibach or did similar things at some point, o Suicide Commando fins i tot. But the production was completely different. According to Wikipedia, Combichrist created this style called TBM (a mix of techno with EBM).

Combichrist began as a personal project of Andy LaPlegua (singer and founder of Icon of Coil), born in Norway with a Norwegian name. The evolution of the project could be said that has been closed for hours at the computer room, to make opening for Rammstein (or touching them directly on stage). And the style has evolved into a kind of metalcore-mail. Currently Combichrist say that the four musicians are part of sr LaPlegua (on guitars, on bass, on drums, keyboards) and little remains of electronics raw beginnings, when he came to Barcelona to play with a friend who controlled the computer and he began to sing and shout (example 2005 Mexico). living “blood Royale” o “Without Emotions” those flights will be unique.

I guess it could explode Combichrist formula Everybody hates you to disk 2009 Today we are all demons and then the sound had evolved into a different place. Per mi Everybody Hates You This is the hard-techno style EBM. If you do not like, you can always listen to Combichrist more “we”, more “americanitzats”.

Everybody Hates You was published 2005 by German label Out Of Line. (

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Text: George Mu.

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