Ectogàmia #2: Hammerhead, el primer grup que em va fer frisar la tita

Immersed in the memories of adolescence, I plan to take a trip back in time ... I accompany?

They were in the mid 90s, just when I was beginning to set in underground music "outside the commercial circuits". Tired of the constant media bombardment under the slogan "grunge is dead" and the emergence of a lot of bands that copied the grunge sound that was fashionable. Through the icon overexploited Nirvana, I liked all but eclipsed to do so cloying, I was discovering related groups for friendship between them, for with·collaborations in discs, The philosophy, a noisy musical theme that unites.

This senseless pilgrimage lasted until one day all roads led me towards one direction: I went to snap the seal Amphetamine Reptile, it was a turning point and reference, because I did discover very good bands, energetic and noisy, calming moments of my teenage angst (and still do). While Amphetamine Reptile is a series of absurdities, I deeply admire them for their authenticity and audacity with which removed references to 90s. I must emphasize one particular group is called Hammerhead. They consist of Minneapolis and Jeff Mooridian Jr., Paul Erickson i Paul Sanders. Do not confuse with the English years 77/78 nor did the German hardcore-punk 80s under the same name.

In his discography, My favorite album is "Into the Vortex”, although the recording has not aged very well. Despite this, time has passed but the issues remain equally brutal when I discovered.

After that, the land was ravaged by MP3, digital productions and Loudness War still continues…

P.S: Hammerhead, concert actual:

Text: Ferran G

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