Ectogàmia #0

Today we present a new section on the blog that started in the coming days, call ECTOGÀMIA, an invented word that comes to mean the opposite of inbreeding. One idea, always with, has emerged extend too conversations and ask one last beer totally unnecessary. This new section will be to escape from our small artificial bubble (promote our albums, cakes, panoli made by Facebook and other social ills) i speak, remember and praise songs or albums or concerts, past or present, d'here i de fora, we liked it, in certa way, have marked. Ultimately, us a way to aerate the self-promotional and onanism. First, no citarem cap grup de No Me’n Records, But here is sap, tangentially, one appears instead. The musical selection is completely dispersed and contradictory, as we are, and moderation is not a feature of the writings. Obviously, we are open to your suggestions, so if you want to if you want written as we do (but in this case, you have to like the album in question). Start?

Ecto- : Fixed form of the Greek word ektós, which means 'outside', 'external'.

-gàmia: Sufixada form the Greek word Gamo, which means 'united'.


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