Here they are: the netlabel's two first references are here.

On one hand, in “Future Memory“, we present a single by Fi FI,Des del Balcó“, an advance from the new album “El prodigiós camí cap a la FI“. It includes two recovered and remade songs from old demos.: “Des del Balcó“, with the·collaboration of El SistemÄ Suec on bass, a quite punk protest song, and the remix of “Hachiko“, a song that never stopped evolving and finally seems to jump towards electronica. Listen to it here.

We also inaugurate the section “Screwed Memory” with the six sings album recorded seven years ago by él HeCHO, so fresh they could have been recorded yesterday, thanks to the great job done by Estudis Capicorla and the serendipity that got together a troupe that wanted to go further anything they had done before. Listen to it here.

These two first albums will be available in digital and , if you want , for free (but you can always make a donation). It will be like this for all the records we put out in “Screwed Memory”

We hope you like this and this is the start of a great friendship. Now, turn the volume up!

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