Fan zines

Some time ago, VAM publish two issues of the fanzine huge nostre. We did give some concerts and fairs. Not stay, but posting it online in PDF format if you want to read: huge #0 huge #67 (AKA #1] Downloading (to print): eNoRMe # 00eNoRMe #67(of the #0 we have the original file, he #67 is scanned […]

50th anniversary stamp, 2018

Friday 14 September 2018 we celebrate the anniversary of NMR, three groups and all the people who came to the room Freedonia Barcelona's Raval. This was the sign: We aim to blog for us not forget.

Ectogàmia#4: Els Stooges van renèixer a Suècia

,,en,In The Air Tonight,,en,He took over the Stooges and took his inheritance to his final consequences,,ca,And all executed by a group of children of Swedish wealthy who knew how to channel all their anger to offer us a masterpiece,,ca,It was in full fal,,ca,sleigh of punk and high octane rock,,ca“In The Air Tonight” va agafar el relleu dels Stooges i va portar la seva herència fins les seves últimes conseqüències. I tot executat per una colla de fills d’adinerats suecs que van saber canalitzar tota la seva ràbia per oferir-nos una obra mestra. Va ser en plena fal·lera de punk i rock d’alt octanatge […]

Ectogàmia #3: Combichrist, hate everyone

L’any 2004 o 2005, having heard very punk-rock and heavy-metal, had also heard some groups of electronics. But I did not like electronic music. Everybody hates you va ser el primer disc que em va agradar, from start to finish. pretty techno, very Industry, with saws, low and many electronic beats strong. La cançó This […]

Ectogàmia #2: Hammerhead, el primer grup que em va fer frisar la tita

Immersed in the memories of adolescence, I plan to take a trip back in time ... I accompany? They were in the mid 90s, just when I was beginning to set in underground music "outside the commercial circuits". Tired of the constant media bombardment under the slogan "grunge is dead" and the emergence of a lot of […]

Ectogàmia#1: El dia que va morir el grunge

Per alguns, el grunge va morir el dia que Kurt Cobain es va fer esclatar el crani; per d’altres, quan Soundgarden es van vendre a les “majors”; i, fins i tot, hi ha qui opina que el grunge mai va existir. Per mi, the end of the day came that I discovered and Truly,ca […]

Ectogàmia #0

Today we present a new section on the blog that started in the coming days, called ECTOGÀMIA, an invented word that comes to mean the opposite of inbreeding. One idea, always with, has emerged extend too conversations and ask one last beer totally unnecessary. This new section will be to escape from our small artificial bubble (promote our albums, cakes, […]