Prou!!! was born in 2008 by the joint efforts of Victor on bass and Charles on drums. Both had been part of other bands, but decided to start a new project based on music limitless musical creation . A year later, Ivan joined them on guitar and, progressively, they introduce synthesizers to definitively consolidate the band.

Describing Prou!!! is a difficult task. They are both that nice winter sun and the cold wind nights in Montseny. Since their inception they have been building a maze forged in riffs that surround you and eclectic melodies , that invite you to dive into different atmospheres. Two years ago they released their first EP Apoptosis, six songs and an electronic remix that already distilled·a vivid imagination and a furious, gently painful pace.

Al 2014 recorded the album, L'art de desaparèixer, a disk unit, a dense route full of instrumental and psychological cuts, a hedge that hurts, but traps you. With references like Tweak Bird, Fugazi, Rage Against the Machine, Wilco or The Hives. Five years have passed, i al 2019 the enough!!! present extinction, a jewel surf progressive metal forged a very low heat.

PPP (Enough Party Program) VIDEO (2019)