HEN is a band led by Joe Rivers (Raydibaum, Dharma Electric Company) voice and guitar. Rounding out this power trio Mulet Jordi (Finally fi,ca) bass, i l'Iban Rodríguez (Rosa Luxemburg) the battery. His music distillery·the urgency and desperation in equal and no wonder, because, soul mater Group notes all the crap that surrounds spitting songs full of rage and anguish.

The sound of hens drink of punk-rock and grunge American nineties (Green Day, Nirvana), all are also sensed hardcore influences the style of Barcelona, especially in the tone of his letters maverick. HEN are able to compress all the shit that unworthy everyday in small capsules suitable for human consumption, so let yourself be carried away by the effects of this medicine.

The album was recorded and mixed by the Iban Rodríguez Skylight Studios and The Mansion, and produced by the band. In November 2018, The margin is reissued on CD and digital I do not remember.

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[NMR028] GALLINA – Al marge