Abdominable Gallina Nauseabunda

The nauseating Abdominable Gallina is the alter ego of the versatile Pep Rius, said anti-rumbista, plus component Raydibaum Dharma and Electric Company. Son of a small neighborhood and extended under the shadow of the chimneys, grew up dreaming and woke up in a world that happily limping between the dark side of life and the struggle to achieve the impossible false. Then he transvestite in chicken.

This nauseating abdominable chicken excrete dedicated to songs and write about all the things that help decompose as a person in this society ridiculous, full of love and hate strangely proportional parts. Mixing melodic romanticism acid and social criticism, the songs are the result of Abdominable Gallina nauseous digestive process, slow and sometimes tortuous, d'a guy who aspires to tot i do not expect res.

After publishing the 2012 "Waiting for the End of the World", ara l'Abdominable Gallina Nauseabunda torna amb un segon disc sota l'ala. "Gargalls" és un disc sense filtres, cru, que pretén obertament explorar el contrast entre el so lo-fi de la veu i la guitarra i els sintetitzadors digitals. El disc és publicat en format CD i digital al mes d'abril d'aquest 2016.




disc Gargallo

CD outlets:

THE INVISIBLE CITY - C/ Riego, 35, Barcelona (Sants)
Land of bowls - C/ Premià, 20, Barcelona (Sants)
ULTRA LOCAL RECORDS - C/ Pujades, 113, Barcelona (New town)