SUCUR benoth (1998-2003)

Sucur Benoth, were formed in 1998 an dismantled in 2003, it was a band that flirted with thrash metal and hardcore in equal measure. They played with the power of volume and distortion, classic thrash and notable raids of groundbreaking hardcore (in the likes of Refused). They were a bunch of badalonians that let go all the rage in rehearsals and gigs like a sonic punch. Members were juan José Juanjo (on guitar), Kino (on drums), Roberto (on voice), Pedro (on guitars) and Javito (on bass), the latter replaced by Ferran lately.

Heavily influenced by music, generally speaking, abrasive and hardcore, Sucur Benoth were able to build up their own style of metal. Things were not easy and perhaps they never had a career opportunity . Nobody gave them nothing and as explosive as their music was were their personal relationships. Three concerts in their beloved native Badalona were all we had left were it not Ferran Giralt also offered to record a sort of compilation of their best songs, using the most meager means of the time (for example, the softwate used was a Nuendo 1!). After several setbacks, Ferran ended up participating in the recording. It is this same recording the one we rescue from No Me'n Records, recovered in extremis by their producer from a dying hard drive with Windows 2000.

In the end, the expected implosion of the band happened but the dissemination of its members germinated in an endless list of groups and bands like Last Kernel Update, Meridians, Clouds Like Movies, Bacteria Forte, éLHeCHo, Augmentine Trio, Man of the Floor, The Rehamasters and many others, of various and seemingly contradictory styles , that, even today, expand and extend their tentacles far beyond what we imagined.

[NMR005] SUCUR benoth

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