éL HeCHO (2005-2007)

éL HeCHO was a band of short and intense life, halfway between Badalona and Barcelona, from which we got disperse and fragmented testimony. We have a handful of songs and a biography, of dubious authenticity, but nothing in this band was real or normal.

Six years ago, five friends sank in a whirlwind of very serious events related to Manowar's famous song, Caballón, and in a last stroke of barbiturate-fuelled insanity we decided to create a gang of handbag and black leather suitcase stealers . We performed every eighth day of the month, under the moonshine. We stole more than 10.000 old ladies and 666 unemployed, candy stores and homeless kids: like lions, we always attacked the weakest and wretched. Thanks to this manoeuvre we amassed a fortune of 45000 libanese rupees, that allowed us to buy a flat-head screwdriver and to steal with it five bus passages to India. There we found new drugs that allowed us to go one step beyond towards total mind-body dissociation and its posterior empirism. From this new and privileged place we could open our fourth left chakra . The five of us, on the verge of death by starvation and by the Stranjis-guanjes riverside, met a group of sainturrones of Jijona who predicted for us a future in the music business blacker than coal..
So we decided to create a band that would change the world, like Aquarius. Con dos cojones. With the excuse of the gigs we looted the hotels that hired us and stole the temples so eventually we had to hastily escape from the country due to running over a sacred cow under the effects of 96% alcohol. The final straw. Long life to Vat 69. Once safe from losing our heads, of being cut by a sharpened cane, we went back to septentrional iberian lands and in a gas station we found the components of an orchestra who carried their gear on their way to a gig. We saw it clear. We beat them and hijacked them in their own rehearsal room, that we use with no restrictions, we spit on the floor and piss on the corners: it´s a very healthy habit that we recommend to new bands, even if they are electro-dark. We love being worshipped while we cut our faces with rusty blades, it´s a healthy vice, whatever they might say. It is also true that alcohol and tobacco help us grow and develop our personality. Ultimately, we are en extremely commercial band and are in it for the money, of course, for pure individual lucre. We accept all kinds of drugs, food and sex, also from strangers. Our advice: don´t drink liquids, or anything.

éL Hecho were: Xavi Tadeo on voice (Latex4, Less is More), Álex Salgado on drums (Osserp, Fajita Kids), Sisco Gris on bass (Meridians, Less is More), Pedro Tebar on guitar (Augmentine Trio, Monstruos!) and Jordi Morata on guitar (FI, Billy Pilgrim).

Música de éL Hecho

elhecho elhecho elhecho

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