The old faith

FUTURE MEMORY. Co-edited the new work of Goliath with several labels and the group itself. After the spectacular Goliath II, the trio returns with five new songs, between the metal, post-rock and stoner trademark. Released on vinyl + CD and soon in a limited edition with bonus material cassettes.

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East anywhere

FUTURE MEMORY. Born in Tremp, Fracaso Escolar lead in the dirty guitars, an aggressive rhythmic breathing and a voice thin Pull the political sistem, labor slavery, the myth of romantic love and other miseries of our time. K7 released on vinyl!

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“Hola Som Prou!!!”

Una de les primeres propostes que vam rebre al nostre correu electrònic va ser la d’una banda de “hard rock de Barcelona”. No sé si fan “hard rock” però segur que no són de Barcelona (ciutat). El Víctor, el Carles i l’Ivan viuen en diferents pobles i ciutats i fan música sota el nom de […]

Two first CDs

Last March we published the third reference of out label: PROU!!! “The art of disappearing” [NMR003]. An album that has moments of hard-rock, stoner, grunge, psychodelia and more… You can find it in our Bandcamp in CD and digital. And this April we published “El prodigiós camí cap a la […]


Here they are: the netlabel's two first references are here. On one hand, in “Future Memory“, we present a single from FI, “Des del Balcó“, an advance from the new album “El prodigiós camí cap a la FI“. It includes two recovered and remade songs from old demos.: “Des del […]