The old faith

FUTURE MEMORY. Co-edited the new work of Goliath with several labels and the group itself. After the spectacular Goliath II, the trio returns with five new songs, between the metal, post-rock and stoner trademark. Released on vinyl + CD and soon in a limited edition with bonus material cassettes.

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East anywhere

FUTURE MEMORY. Born in Tremp, Fracaso Escolar lead in the dirty guitars, an aggressive rhythmic breathing and a voice thin Pull the political sistem, labor slavery, the myth of romantic love and other miseries of our time. K7 released on vinyl!

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Ectogàmia #0

Today we present a new section on the blog that started in the coming days, called ECTOGÀMIA, an invented word that comes to mean the opposite of inbreeding. One idea, always with, has emerged extend too conversations and ask one last beer totally unnecessary. This new section will be to escape from our small artificial bubble (promote our albums, cakes, […]

A single disc is nothing

Fa un mes més o menys de la publicació del disc Gargalls. After all the crap promotion, it is time to explain a little more about the subject. We knew Pep Rius (aka l’Abdominable Gallina Nauseabunda) many years ago, in an edition of Sona9. The we went to see a concert at Razzmatazz 3 […]

L’Industrial és eNOrME

Cicle de concerts – Febrer 2016 El que més ens agrada a No Me’n Records és la música en directe. Per això, i gràcies a l’oportunitat que ens ha ofert el bar l’Industrial, hem programat aquest cicle de concerts: Durant tots els divendres del mes de febrer, No Me’n Records proposarà música en directe i […]