Abril, thousand discs,,es,After a few months of silence,,ca,At the end of April, two new works come to No Me'n Records,,ca,In first place,,ca,the second long duration of,,ca,where crows pigeons have changed,,ca,And we are also very happy to publish the new single from,,ca,punk rock,,en,Enjoy them,,ca,NO ME'N RECORDS Bandcamp,,en

FUTURE MEMORY. Després d'uns mesos de silenci, al final del mes d'abril arriben dos nous treballs a No Me'n Records. En primer lloc, el segon llarga durada de CAPITÀ PILGRIM, on han canviat els coloms per corbs. I també estem molt contents de publicar el nou single de FLAMSTEED, punk rock 100%. Gaudiu-los!


Republic or Republic,,ca,Since seals and self-sustaining nonprofit and Cattle Netlabel not remember driving this musical compilation as a sign of opposition to fascist policies of the government of Spain,,ca,and in favor of freedom and REPUBLIC,,ca,We are not foreign to the turbulent events experienced in autumn,,ca,with all the rage and helplessness we felt,,ca,This disc would not be possible without the support,,ca,operation of all participating artists,,ca,Share how you want,,ca,Thanks,,ca,Listen,,ca,download and share REPUBLIC,,ca!

FUTURE MEMORY. Des dels segells autogestionats i sense ànim de lucre No Me’n Records i Bestiar Netlabel impulsem aquest recopilatori musical com a mostra de rebuig a les polítiques feixistes del govern de l'Estat espanyol, i a favor de la LLIBERTAT i la REPÚBLICA. Compartiu com vulgueu!

Escolta, descarrega i comparteix la REPÚBLICA.

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