Pull down all the walls!

FUTURE MEMORY. "Pull down walls and custom-made horizons" is the name of the new work FinalmentFI, just over twenty minutes grunge guitars and electronics, just to the point where hatred of capitalism, freedom and the end of the world. A great site for you and your failure. Available this September in K7 in a digital!

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Rain without shoes

FUTURE MEMORY. It was a year that record was Spotify, but now reissued on CD debut chicken. Also you can find and download on Bandcamp. Among the American punk-rock and grunge nineties, HEN join melody brown and burn everything in the best way possible.

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República o Barbàrie

Since we are not aliens do not remember what we are experiencing these turbulent weeks,,ca,rage and impotence,,ca,We recognize that we have suffered some paralysis that has made and lost,,ca,hope in all that we do and,,ca,Be not deceived,,ca,seems irrelevant now,,ca,But we try to break the negative dynamics,,ca,We want to propose a small initiative,,ca,each and all of you who make music,,ca,we know how you feel through your songs,,ca,and if you feel like,,ca,please send us songs that you've made these days,,ca,or you will do with regard to this appeal,,ca,With all the songs that will send us a compilation of a mood for a moment and country,,ca, de ràbia i impotència. Hem de reconèixer que hem patit certa paralització que ens ha fet perdre la il·lusió en tot això que fem i que, no us enganyarem, sembla irrellevant ara mateix. Però provem de trencar la dinàmica negativa. […]

NMR – Sàmpler 2017

[Aquest text acompanya el llançament del recopilatori del segell] Publiquem aquest recull de poemes cançons per diversos motius. El primer és per fer memòria (que en tenim poca) de tota la música que hem anat editant des del desembre de 2014, sumant-hi alguna novetat. Com veieu, hi ha una mica de tot, bastant grunge en […]