Finally Fi

Finally Fi és un projecte musical de Barcelona, Catalonia, around 100 km from Valls. They define themselves as a band (!!!) that makes electronic grunge and, after going through an intimate phase without distortion, they threw themselves into noise and, above all, songs. The universe is a deserted beach in a seaside resort overlooking the Mediterranean on one side and, next to it, an unfinished residential area 80 half-built in the middle of nowhere.

The first disc seu, The Prodigious Way to the End (No Me’n Records, 2015), was described as "a vindication of grunge noisier, the more electronic noise, the industrial delirious and funny letters, reviews and sour ". All this in a tone markedly post-apocalyptic. Today, Finally Fi still offer concerts and composing new songs on, inevitably, further experience this mix of styles.
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CONCERT A LA GOLETA (Sant Feliu de Guixols)


16/04 Sentmenat, Vallès, with Meconio, Udol, FAI the Arapajotes
(Envia'ns un correu elèctric a nomenrecords[a] si vols contractar aquest grup)

27/11 CC Can Basté, Barcelona, amb Man of the Floor i Kathon
24/10 Koitton Club, Sants, amb fEL
19/09 Mercat de Música Viva de Vic
20/08 ASTUPENDU! Aspecial Festes de Gràcia, Barcelona, amb Sr.Saravia, Dino Ratso, el SistemÄ Suec i RanRanRan
26/07 La Goleta, St Feliu de Guíxols, amb Lluís Paloma i Tissana & The Paloma's Experience Band
17/04 Alfa bar, Gràcia, Barcelona, amb Mad'zelle

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