captain Pilgrim

captain Pilgrim, indie rock trio from Barcelona, wanders between protest songs, les progressions instrumentals i certa dosi de punk. Sing little but when it does is to create a positive mood, but by no means resigned, among its listeners. Until recently called himself Billy Pilgrim, kind of punk singer who never knew exactly where he was. Thanks to the incorporation of a low, en Doc Rivers, and battery, Tarceva Mormo, the songs have changed toward grunge and emo bond 90s, with a tendency towards post-rock and always seasoned with folk laps. Captain Pilgrim is the result of many years of wandering in many bands, rehearsing in infected burrows , not sleeping much, eating worse, always surrounded by notorious nihilist. Songs that seem not say anything, but it sounds in your head long after the hearing.

The topics were developed during the peak (o pou) of this scam that some insist on calling "crisis": without a job, forgotten section, watching the trains were leaving never to return, grabbed the guitar and compose small pills rage, Redirect cap to something constructive, turned out to be the best therapy for a very bad time pair. Songs on unemployment, resistance and resilience, loneliness and, above all, birds, many birds. That song was, but perhaps not so: that everyone interprets as he pleases. No hi ha res nou here, but everything is invented, to the cap in the fi, the most important thing is to play what you like,ca, to be honest with your limitations and display them without wanting to pretend what you're not. And so it was.