we extinguished!

FUTURE MEMORY. the enough!!! taught us the art of disappearing for five years. They marched to forge a very low heat twelve new songs, a disc that t'aixafarà to the ground. After we all extinct. Stoner, punk, surf, metall, doom, a post-rock all. The CD can be found in our store Bandcamp and next in a limited edition cassette with censored material.

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The old faith

FUTURE MEMORY. Co-edited the new work of Goliath with several labels and the group itself. After the spectacular Goliath II, the trio returns with five new songs, between the metal, post-rock and stoner trademark. Released on vinyl + CD and soon in a limited edition with bonus material cassettes.

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50th anniversary stamp, 2018

Friday 14 September 2018 we celebrate the anniversary of NMR, three groups and all the people who came to the room Freedonia Barcelona's Raval. This was the sign: We aim to blog for us not forget.


We have changed the title of the page,,ca,CALL,,ro,per,,en,COOPERA,,en,There are several reasons,,ca,but the main one is,,ca,We do not want to be a seal that is dedicated,,ca,or lose,,pt,his time sending mail to the media,,ca,It is not our job,,ca,We know that many media need money to continue to publish and pay their journalists,,ca “CONTACTA” per “COOPERA”. Hi ha varis motius, però el principal és: no volem ser un segell que es dedica (o perd) el seu temps enviant mailing als mitjans de comunicació. No és la nostra feina. Sabem que molts mitjans necessiten diners per seguir publicant i pagar els/les seves periodistes. […]

Ectogàmia#4: Els Stooges van renèixer a Suècia

,,en,In The Air Tonight,,en,He took over the Stooges and took his inheritance to his final consequences,,ca,And all executed by a group of children of Swedish wealthy who knew how to channel all their anger to offer us a masterpiece,,ca,It was in full fal,,ca,sleigh of punk and high octane rock,,ca“In The Air Tonight” va agafar el relleu dels Stooges i va portar la seva herència fins les seves últimes conseqüències. I tot executat per una colla de fills d’adinerats suecs que van saber canalitzar tota la seva ràbia per oferir-nos una obra mestra. Va ser en plena fal·lera de punk i rock d’alt octanatge […]